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I have vowed not to write blogs for a year in July of last year, so this will be just an introductory post. I may or may not continue writing this blog at a later date.

Most nudists I know are quite happy if they can get to a beach, fry their bodies in the Sun, dip their bodies in some water, preferably salty, add pasta, veggies, and spices, and be served... oops! This got mixed with my Sunday soup recipe. But you catch my meaning. This is not me. At all.

For starters, I hate beaches. I hate tanning too. I don't care about tan lines like most nudist bloggers I follow do. I like bodies of water and swimming in them, but I'd rather jump into one from a branch of a tree, or a large boulder than walk into one from a beach. I'll do the latter too, it's definitely not off the repertoire of things I'd be willing to do, but doing just that over and over and over and over... spells ultimate boredom to me. I'm not the kind of guy who goes to the beach. I stumble upon a beach, take a swim if I feel like it, and then proceed on my merry way. And I prefer to do all of the above naked too.

But I'm flying off on a tangent. Swimming is not my preferred activity when I'm naked. In fact, I have no preferred activity while I'm naked. I'll do anything naked. I'll go out in extremely cold and extremely hot weather naked if I can take it. If death weren't imminent, my life goal would be to do a naked spacewalk. As it is, I'm quite satisfied just hiking naked up in the hills and mountains.

And when I find that I don't get enough time naked during the day, I'll go on a naked walk in the woods at night. In my area there aren't any dangerous animals except us humans, so I feel quite safe walking through the forest in the dark. I'll usually carry a light, as faint as possible, just enough to light the path ahead, and maybe my smartphone. But I prefer moving about unburdened. I don't like to carry anything with me, or on me. If I could, I'd get microchipped for identification and access to my bank accounts. Oh, and I'd definitely have my eyes upgraded with bionic implants so that I can magnify a portion of my field of view without binoculars. That would be awesome.

What am I doing here? I'm not really sure. I guess I like setting up profiles in nudist places, and perhaps I'm also hoping to find crazy people. I mean, not pathologically crazy, just plain crazy, like me. People who sometimes do things for the thrill of doing them, but aren't obsessive about it. I'm not looking for an adrenaline rush, or a dopamine rush, or any kind of rush really. I'm quite content occasionally crossing paths with people who... well... are as plainly crazy as me, and it seems like this is the kind of place where such an event is more likely to happen.

Just how crazy am I? I'd say pretty crazy. I do programming for a living, but I'm really living to dream. Then I write what I dream up and sometimes I descend into the chaos of my unconscious mind to figure out what all that means. I'm barefoot at almost all times. I'm very sensual that way, as in I like to feel the environment with my whole body. I don't remember the last time I put my shoes on and in fact I can't remember where I put them. I'm lucky enough that my work doesn't require me to wear clothes (unless there's a meeting - I work from home), or shoes. So I just go from being naked in bed, to being naked at work, and when I absolutely don't have to be anywhere I'm naked in the afternoon too. That seldom happens, though, because I can't leave the house naked even into my backyard, so I normally skip world naked gardening days. That makes me sad. But I can have a drink (coffee, tea, or just water), or water some plants on my terrace without having to dress up, and that makes me happy. The more time and space I can occupy naked, the happier I am. Maybe that's why I enjoy hiking in the mountains naked.

Hope you now know me better, and that the crossing of our paths is a joyful event for us both.

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johnarnaud30 Verified
May 7, 02:20AM
johnarnaud30 This is a pleasant and agile writing.
ReasonSharp Verified
May 7, 05:06AM
ReasonSharp @johnarnaud30 Thank you! Glad you liked it.
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NancyJustNudism Lifetime
May 7, 11:32AM
NancyJustNudism Nice way to introduce yourself, well done
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