Are we in decline? Why is nudism and nudist pages losing momentum from Nude4070's blog

Its time to opine - not only because I haven't for some time but also because I believe I am seeing a trend that shows nudism is declining...and not just here in Australia.

Its no secret that many of us on here are also on other nudists sites. And I see the same thing here and also on those sites; that the rate of take-up (ie new sign ups) of nudism and website membership is slow, very slow. 

Now we are some years past the pandemic which, as we know many people discovered that if you didn't wear clothing at home it was not only fun but also that the washing decreased and so did your cost of living (washers and driers can be so expensive!). Is it any wonder most countries now have a cost of living crisis. 

But we are far enough beyond the 'return to work' phase where people were enticed back into the office, and of course very few if any of those workplaces accept nudity. But with a few years under our belt (or belly chain if you prefer while nude) it fascinates and intrigues me that many haven't worked their schedules out and returned to the nude life and also find their way on to our most loved website.

I for one had to re-adjust after nearly four full years of working at home, and being nude most of the time, to being back in an office. However, I know what I enjoy most and I have found ways to integrate some nude time to a full day of work and other commitments.

So what is it - why are there less people online and less people taking up the life style?

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