Are You Nude? New Too? Then You're NEWD! from NewdChris's blog

Good morning to you!I was told you were coming.
But, you are nude? and New?

Yes!Of course you are!
Then U R NEWD!!....without a doubt!
So, you must be the NEWD one, he was speaking of.I remember when I was new, but I wasn't nude yet.
Oh! Keep quiet.

He is about to address the major problem in today's preposterous backasswards society.

Greetings, one & ALL,

I am Christopher,

but if you prefer calling me CJ, that's perfectly acceptable as well.

Whether you are nude, new, or really NEWD, and even you seasoned vets of our lifestyle,

I welcome you ALL.

This is a unique examination into the eternal, yet also irrational, ludicrous and totally insane judgement of our lifestyle, by our adversary, the textiles, who, may have called their local enforcement, on us, as they share the same illogical beliefs. I will attempt to demonstrate their reverse logic, if we can even refer to it as logic, our adversary uses to keep us distracted from the main issue, preventing our enjoyment of our common interest, while I show how deranged the opposite POV is.

As veterans of my usual material, you will see a new side of me today, as this is a narrative of my POV on how this demented society acts towards us, as they hinder our desire of enjoying our alluring, elegant anatomy in a completely innocent and tasteful proclivity.

As for the rest of you who are NEWD here, I'm sure you will enjoy the sketch at the end of my presentation today, but usually I am much more serious.

For you ALL, even though non fiction seems to be my forte, this is a rare look into my meticulous ability at fiction, in regards to our mutual lifestyle.

This will be a cross between humorous fiction and serious non fiction.

I consider it an oxymoron, with us being the "OXY" while our ridiculous rival is the "MORON"


My 1st attempt at humor, but by the way you all reacted it is also my last.


1st, I would also like to address a few points about changes in general to society and show our sentiment that all other minorities are receiving their own rights but we don't see anything at all for our rights as nudists, naturists and others who want to experience just how OPEN & FREE nudism really is.

Why do we have to be inconvenienced by being the only minority without ANY rights?

I thought that we are actually in the 21nd century.

But, I seem to have my doubts at times. 

World is changing,

so why hasn't nudism changed for the better with any progress yet?

At least, we should by now, have different attitudes towards the lifestyle.

As others have the govt protection, they are all strong in their presence.

NO change for NUDISM!!!

NO change for "NATURAL" life

NO change for an OPEN, HONEST lifestyle


Its perplexing why, in the past years, like the 60s - 70s, nudity wasn't such a big deal, i.e., everyone was allowed to be O&F while they swam at the YMCA. There was even a school, Mercyhurst PREP, that allowed boys to skinny dip being O&F! But now, 40-50 years later, this whole ignorant society, instead of Progressing, has decided to Regress,   or just stagnate going nowhere.

We are so far out of the pilgrims and puritan days,

so then why aren't WE allowed OUR very OWN lifestyle, while being honest?

But, as time moves into the future, we as a society, are NOT changing with the times at all!!!

Speaking of the times, it has been advocating numerous imaginary genders in the spotlight lately. This is brand new, starting only about 6-7 years ago. Yet, these "individuals" have all the rights of respect, while professing validity, and telling all of us that we should, or must, call them what they claim they claim to be, even though they are NOT!

That is called deception, deceiving, so it is certainly NOT EQUAL in ANY way!

As time changes, the government allows individuals to change their "gender" at will, while these uniquely disturbed individuals dictate that they have a different gender (ID) & at the same time retaining all their rights, while society/govt simultaneously forbids us nudists, to have ANY rights whatsoever!!

These individuals are actually showing the whole world they have gender dysphoria, which, of course, is a disorder!!

I look at this as a form of dishonesty, as they claim a gender which is counterpart of their actual sex/gender, then some of them say NB, thus claiming they are sexless, meaning they are NEITHER male NOR female!?!?

Is your head spinning out of confusion, yet?

MINE is!!

I would love to have anyone, EXPLAIN WHY they CAN JUST mislead society, while they falsely claim who they are and PRETEND to be something they are NOT!!

So, as they lie and deceive the entire world pretending to be something else while using deceptive deceitful methods, they have NO problem from anyone, all while being protected by the govt, thus NOT bothered by any enforcement, and usually don't even get dirty looks from society.

We, as nudists, are completely reversed, as we believe honesty and transparency with who we are as peaceful, loving, and accepting people as much as we possibly can be. However, we are forbidden from being completely honest with society. We don't hide behind cloaks of secrecy, and facades that mask who we actually are. We are being unconditionally forthright with BOTH ourselves, and others, while we are shunned by the same"others" and instead of getting protection from the govt, we get arrested instead without even a considerate wave, while we also get heavy or stiff punishments, such as a possible "sexual offense" while we are simply showing the world who we are. 

We show everyone our genuine authentic selves, yet, all who see us, look at us as deviant, deranged, sex fiends.


Another time an acquaintance of mine was in his CD attire while the officer actually asked him, "what do you ID as?"


LIE to world, and its just fine

But, us?

OPEN & FREE, while also being OPEN & HONEST!!

We are jailed!!

Yeah, I guess that's "fair"

But us??

Walking down street, arrested on sight, NOW!!!!

EVERYONE ELSE has rights, but NOT us nudists

......honesty is not allowed!!

Name every minority in the world, country, etc and they have rights!!

We nudists are a minority,

so where's our rights?



Now, we have nudist RESORTS.

So, don't suggest we are to be restricted to one little spot on earth, only allowed here but not there! We do NOT want to be separated from society, we can join others in society.

Even HIV's didn't have a separate colony or their very own little spot.

HIV infected people, even had/have incurable disease while they had full rights to be  a part of society


Asinine!! NOT logical!!!!

But its these imbeciles with their PIG uniform somehow reverse it back on us??!!??!

Its where I just put my arms up in confusion!!

Lets see what the cops use as they ring the bell. This addresses the very prominent lunacy of not being able to be O&F in your own home!

Its this very blatant kind of absurdity, and idiocy that really gets under my skin and stays there.

Time for this little sketch I conjured up.

This is meant to be humorous, yet serious!

Its NO laughing matter at the way this fucking  world treats us, as you will see momentarily we are the ONLY group having NO RIGHTS!!!

We just want to be left alone and "dress" our own way!

WTF, cant we do that, as we are NEVER bothering ANYone??

Then that right there is the ENTIRE paradox, now I shall show you how a visit from backwards cops can turn US off, but the OTHER party just dictates what WE MUST do!

SCENE: pleasant weather about 70 degrees, my door is locked but the screen allows the fresh air in, along with a window. I am in MY OWN home, relaxing in MY HOME,

which is MINE, understand?

I pay rent

I clean it

I take care of it!!!!!!



a knock on door,


I was just relaxing, about to have dinner.

Now, I must get up off couch where I was MINDING MY OWN GOD DAMN BUSINESS!!!!


By golly gee, its the insane cops?!!!

PIGS that were born with NO LOGIC!!!!!

Off PIG,

sir, WE got a complaint from across the street....

Ok? Great, now what does that have to do w/me?

Well the lady says that she doesn't want to see you.

ME: Well, that's great, as it stands I don't want to see her either!

Besides, she has no appointment with me.

So, you are here to inform me about a bitch way across the street or complex?

So what are YOU here for, OFF PIG?

PIG: You must be responsible for her actions and well being, by altering what YOU are doing, by covering YOURSELF.

ME: Uhm, excuse me?

Your really confusing the fuck outta me,

what does that have to do with me reading my book?

PIG: SHE wants us to tell YOU to close your blinds or put something........on....

ME: Let me try to fathom, or at least maybe understand what you are saying......

SHE doesn't want to see ME?

SHE, wants ME to cover, conceal, hide who I am???

So that SHE cant see ME???

Am I in the right ballpark with you.......whatever, guys?


ME: Allow me to fill you in on MY logic, because it doesn't seem like you have the littlest bit.

I am in MY home,

you understand so far?

Officer  PIG

Well, yeah I think so.

ME: which I pay rent for, again that's ME,

understand again???

PIG: Yeah, you pay the rent.

ME- This is the most ridiculous absurd shocker I have ever had!!! and I AM the one O&F!!!

ME-  Now, I have an idea but it may be tricky for you, so I will go slow.

Fair enough?

Earlier, I was training my son, whos in kindergarten now,

I taught him a brand newd lesson.

I asked him a question, and he would answer.

Simple enough right?

My question was, (NOW U 2, need to pay attn, because it might get confusing for you BOTH)

Here's what I asked him, again hes in kindergarten.

"What do you do, when YOU DONT want to see it, him or her, or ANYTHING!!!?"

He totally amazed me, he got the right answer on the very 1st try!!!!

Hes a really great kid, so proud of him, he gets his sense and logic from me.

I look at him, and cant fig out what his mom gave him.

Ok, now we shall fig out YOUR level of comprehension.

PIG Well, sir, were you uh.....ya

ME That depends, but its not in my nature to hand over info to you.

Esp, when my GF Miranda, tells me NOT to.

PIG Oh no sir, we don't expect you to tell us all about you.

ME Well what are you doing asking questions then?

PIG We are simply trying to have everyone get along

ME: Very intriguing.

Well, let me make a LOGICAL suggestion, so we CAN.

You may not have had that before? a LOGICAL suggestion

But, again I will speak slowly so U 2 can keep up.

Very 1st action for you.

When you go back to her, you ask HER, to make sure to

close HER blinds

then HER drapes

then if that fails, direct her vision, that means to change HER direction of HER line of sight, over to ANYTHING SHE DOES WANT TO SEE.

That way, SHE wont SEE ME!!

But wait!!

Here's the fabulous news!

When SHE, alters HER vision, SHE can make HER choice of 3, not just 1, methods to see SOMETHING ELSE.

SHE can utilize 3 DIFFERENT parts of HER body.

3 parts just happen to be, EYES, NECK, and YES!!! Even HER whole body!!

Just 1 thing though, tell HER to take it easy and the first time SHE attempts this to only use 1 part at a time, that way she can acclimate herself slowly, conform at her pace I don't want her to strain herself

SHE can cease being a voyeur, which I thought was illegal, at least at some point.

Guess what THAT will do to HER sight or vision!!


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