Bare life a freedom to conquer, invent your own. from johnarnaud30's blog

The naked body is only really happy if it lives its postures freely in front of the eyes of others. What is the point of freeing oneself from clothing if it is to imprison it in constraints, physical contortions of social gestures such as example, forcing oneself to cross one's legs. Bare life on a site should be streamed continuously, continuously from home. It would be a great victory for the promotion of the naked life, the trivialization of nudity, it is to generously offer to be continuously observed, what a wonderful freedom for oneself and a beautiful encouragement for all others to dare to be seen naked .Trivializing nudity in this way, bare life, is a real challenge for it to progress faster in society, but it is really not won as long as the nudists themselves do not dare to display and broadcast theirs. Nancy is really a fighter of the diffusion, of the promotion of the naked life, a beautiful example for all the subscribers of the site.
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