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Dear, Nude Diary:

It's been such a long time since i've written an entry (unfortunately you have to wear clothes to make money), but I want to talk about the time where my college roomate almost caught me NUDE! So... grab a bag of popcorn and a towel to sit on, cause this one was a journey.

So for starters, I am a nudist (that of which is given) and my roommate was not (he didn't prefer the birthday suit for special outings), so obviously this would make it hard for me to be a nudist since mainly the only time I could be nude was under the sheets during bedtime (and even THAT was a struggle). So one night he says he's going to be heading out, and when given previous context like this, it meant that he would be gone the enitre night so I didn't waste any time the moment he left. With the closing of the door the clothes seemed to magically fly off. I was living! Just talking to my friends through a voice call and playing games... nothing seemed like it could go wrong.

Then I heard the door start to open.

Luckily for me I had put the chain on the door after he left just in case this scenario happened and kept my pajamas next to me, so I had to get dressed quickly and open the door. When I finally did I relaized I didn't have an excuse (which was the one thing I really needed) so I ended up saying "I was playing with the door and forgot to unlock it". I honestly thought I was in the clear, until my best friend said out loud "Mike, are you still naked?" 

And I was mortified. So much for being sneaky.

See you next time diary, I have a lot of pages to fill.

(Thanks for reading, new pages whenever!)

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