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The things which have been most rewarding to me have been those that came without expectation. I wonder that if the choice was always in my hands, that I should find what I want or would it be imagination.

Observing the unknown moment we are not complacent. There is a clarity where we see what is. We look with all senses not mind alone.

Known and expected live in a cloud. Until it rains the ground is dry and the cloud is up in the air. We do not know our needs until the water runs and valleys fill.

If I could reach with an eyedropper and pluck the dryness as I pleased how little surface would I ever know in every droplet.
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NancyJustNudism Lifetime
Apr 27 '22, 05:58PM
NancyJustNudism I wonder how someone would recognize their valleys? What if the water didn't run? what if the valleys didn't fill? I wonder why would anyone waits for the unknown so they can find their needs?
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