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I make a USA distinction here.  Most of these decisions will be poor anywhere in the world.  But, some of them will be more offensive in t...more
THE NEW THEME IS COMING SOON! We are very excited to announce that our new theme is coming very soon! The theme will have new additions: 1- M...more
Nudity is not simply living without clothing. Nudity is a positioning outside the conventional textile in which people take refuge to feel reass...more
Happy New Year!  I wanted to reflect and share 2021 with my naturist friends.  You all have contributed to my journey in one way or another!...more
This is the second post in my series of blogs (musings) on “Tips for Publishing Photos on Just Nudism”.  These are based on my own observations a...more
Ladies!!! Become a verified member of JustNudism.Net and, in addition to a limited number of 3-month Silver Memberships, you will be entered i...more
Just coming from the chatroom. The member list shows 16 users...the last lines in room were written 17 minutes ago - and the last six lines consisted ...more
My first time of being nude was a very young age, I was around nine or ten. We live in the country and had a canal that ran through our property. I wo...more
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