Nude statues - apparently not everybody's cup of tea from Nude4070's blog

So you're a nudist right - so what do you think about gardens with statues of nude women and men?

It seems Anne Wareham in the UK, who I am unsure as to whether she is a nudist or not, just doesn't appreciate them!

On website 'Garden Rant' Anne went to town talking about a garden show that she recently attended, and how appalled she was by the presence of statues of nude women (nb the one above was not part of the show, but is one that I'd have in my garden any day if I lived in the UK).

Lets get this straight, these are pieces of art created by folks who have toiled at great length to make their art, and she is talking as though she was confronted by real life naked people.

I find this really peculiar and essentially childish; and to say nothing of how it entrenches stereo types and demonises nudity. But why I find it childish is because when I was a kid my older brother would start laughing at nude manikins in a department store. My mother would remind him that they are in fact 'not real' but were also in fact moulded from a real person. So in effect you are laughing at that person's body shape....and Mum was no nudist (well at least I don't believe she is/was). 

So following my theory, Ms Wareham is not only ranting upon the statues and their artists but also the models. So Anne Wareham is in fact body shaming!

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