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Sunday. Father's Day. Threatening to thunderstorm all day. So quiet at camp. Only a handful of visitors. As it was also "dangerously" hot & humid out, even most of the long-term renters & staff stayed indoors. A contemplative day.

Late, nearing the check-out time for those with a day pass, a nudbie came to visit. Typical guy for us and typically feeling the need to talk away his nervous energy - in typical male nudbie fashion, by bragging. Seems when a man strips away the ornaments of wealth & status they still feel the need to make sure someone, anyone, everyone knows who they want others to think they are. I know I'm odd, but telling me about that time you saved a kitten in a tree or how the man living in your guest bedroom just needs a steady bed to get back on his feet would impress me more than how many houses you have or what your job title is. But this is America.

As usual, procrastinated all my chores, but did get to the grocer before they closed.

One more ant bite on my foot. Either I taste good or have had a poor estimation of the ants' territory lately. My feet (my best feature I can see) are quite ugly at the moment. Yet, I refuse shoes.

For the real Tedium Treatise, visit here.

I don't post regularly, but maybe some historian will find my tedious musings of life amusing - before the extremely fragile medium I choose to use is lost to time.

Been threatening to publish my novella on there as well some day, but that would require finishing it. As I said, this is America.

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