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Its a long debated topic about answering your front door nude, and I am not going to add to the debate in this post...well hopefully. 

But suffice to say I have now been seen nude by our local mail man ('post man' here in Australia) - and it was completely unintentional. 

With the house to myself and being given the okay by my boss to have a 'work from home day' I decided that the day should be celebrated and I declared it a 'work nude from home day' - as one does as a nudist.

My nude day was great, actually fantastic. I got a lot done. I had worked naked in my garage with the door quarter way up all morning and then stopped for morning tea. I knew I had a delivery arriving in the post and thought if the mail man arrives I'll just throw my dressing gown back on and lift the door.

Well the morning completely passed and still no delivery. I will often leave the front door open (screen locked and closed though) as I make my way nude through the day. My dressing gown still nearby though I always have a contingency plan.

But still no delivery and into the afternoon I have hopped online and started chatting with fellow nudies. I then got stuck deep into report writing for work....all this happens in our study, which is the room closest to the driveway. I was about five pages into report writing when all of a sudden I hear this motorcycle horn 'beep beeping' outside the window...yes our very nice mail man had rode down the driveway to bring the mail to our front door due to it raining at the time.

He could clearly see me through the lace curtain. I stood up and picked up my dressing gown, and proceeded to put it on. By this time its too late - my complete birthday suit had been on display, almost like a store window!

Dressing gown now fully on and tied across me, I went to the front door. I had to sign for the two steps out onto the porch...he handed me the item, I signed, we both smiled at each other. He went back to his motorcycle and rode away, smiling.

Yes I am a little worried what may come of this; one on hand will he make a report, on the other hand is this a regular thing he sees. He didn't seem uncomfortable with my male nudity, and I am hoping that for him this wasn't a problem. I will ask him next time!

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