Wellness centres - a link to greater public acceptance of nudism? from Nude4070's blog

I had my first ever wellness centre experience yesterday; it was fantastic to say the least.

First up was a quick tour of the facility, then followed by an hour in the flotation bath and then a 45 minute massage. 

For some time I had been sort of apprehensive to attend. My family had actually given me a gift certificate for this experience earlier in the year on my birthday. After months of faffing around thinking about, out of the blue my wife told me that when she did the flotation tank she in fact did it nude.

Now my wife is not a nudie by any stretch of the imagination. It normally takes her a few drinks to part with clothing and completely relax; but here she was nude at a place other than our home. My wife went on to say that being nude is part of the experience!

So my interest deepened for getting booked and going. I hopped online to book and went through the FAQ and do's and don't sections on the page...and to my delighted surprise it was there in words; that being nude does enhance the experience and clothing detracts from the experience.

Don't get me wrong; the wellness centre is not like being at the nudist resort, as folks are not walking around nude. Its private in each room where you are nude. But I can't help but think that there are a growing number of people who are nude some place else away from home and receiving the message of the freedom of being nude and how good this is for your mind. 

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