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During this 1 lonely boring night, I thought I would, shall I say, spice things up a bit?

I dared myself to do something crazy.

Very crazy, and I s'pose not totally legal either, but nothing that would affect anyone else, or harm anyone.

I was to go downstairs to the backyard between the two bldgs.

So, What's the big deal?

Well, how do I put this?

I was to wear my favorite suit that I was born in.

However, there was just 1 unexpected glitch in my midst.

You guessed it!!

The neighbors came home unexpectedly and instead of just going inside like they normally do, they were outside and just hung out a while & didn't go inside right away. So, here I was totally "OPEN & FREE" in the backyard not being able to make it back to my front door without being spotted. They were all over the place between our buildings, so at least I was safe so far, as long as they didnt come "back. to me"

That way I would at least be ok without being seen.

Ok, so far so good, but I didn't really get"so far"because just then someone DID see me!!

Of all people to spot me, it, sure enough, was a teenager that had hopped the back wall and saw me!

Right in front of each other, I did NOT know what to do.


How could my already BAD luck get any worse?


I better NOT ask that, for fear of it actually getting worse. So scratch that question right out!

Truthfully, in hindsight, my luck could have been much worse.

He could have...

said something to them

called the pigs

yelled out in shock, etc.

so my luck wasn't all THAT bad I guess.

Anyway, getting back to it, I was so scared when I saw him, 

I just froze!!!

Much to my relief, and surprise, he was alone with no GF and he didn't freak out like I did. He must have kept quiet about me being in the back, because the neighbors never came back to see me. The fucking cops must have known about as much as the neighbors or I would have met them.

Thank God for his help?!

Not really sure if that's a question or what.

I was very surprised by the fact that no one had been in the back of the house for a while but it appeared as though I finally got my chance to go back inside my house.

They must have gone inside because I finally heard quiet ( if that's even possible) and saw darkness (ditto).

Nows  my chance!

My ONLYchance!

Better get while the getting is good, or perfect!

So as I thought the coast was clear I started home,


HOLD ON for a sec!!

There was a truck in the parking lot that looked like it had someone in it. I wasn't sure, but at this point, I just hadto get TF (the fuck) inside NOW!.

Seen or UNseen....

Well, it looks like I am back inside my "safety zone,"so I can utter a sigh of relief.

Why do people think that the human body is such a TABOO sight & NOT  "viewable?"

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