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Its time to opine - not only because I haven't for some time but also because I believe I am seeing a trend that shows nudism is declining...and not...more
Stop me if you heard this before: A nudist walks into a bar. Instead of getting a cocktail, he orders water and waits for everyone else to get naked, ...more
The human being invented the clothing to protect himself from the cold as from the heat then he invented the social standard of the good physical ap...more
Dear, Nude Diary: It's been such a long time since i've written an entry (unfortunately you have to wear clothes to make money), but I want to talk...more
Dear, Nude Diary: I want to tell you about the time I finally got to start nudism "publicly" and where it took me. It's not a super fancy story but...more
These notes are from some musing that I did a little while ago about the changing relationship I have had with nudity. Some of it is straight along th...more
As part of their famous show "America Undercover," Produced by HBO, Naked World is a documentary released in 2003 by Spencer Tunick...more
The best dress is nakedness! There is no shame in being what we are. You are the truest reflection of yourself when you are clothes free; so take ...more
Don't you wish public nudity was a normal thing. Where someone could see a naked body and still appreciate someone’s body but have it be as normal as ...more
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