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The human being invented the clothing to protect himself from the cold as from the heat then he invented the social standard of the good physical ap...more
Dear, Nude Diary: It's been such a long time since i've written an entry (unfortunately you have to wear clothes to make money), but I want to talk...more
Dear, Nude Diary: I want to tell you about the time I finally got to start nudism "publicly" and where it took me. It's not a super fancy story but...more
I make a USA distinction here.  Most of these decisions will be poor anywhere in the world.  But, some of them will be more offensive in t...more
During this 1 lonely boring night, I thought I would, shall I say, spice things up a bit? I dared myself to do something crazy. Very crazy, and I s'...more
Good morning to you!I was told you were coming. But, you are nude? and New? Yes!Of course you are! Then U R NEWD!!....without a doubt! So, you ...more
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