One of our main goals here at JN is to ensure that every community member feels comfortable and safe. That’s why we try our best to enforce our guidelines. So while we are not happy when we suspend anyone, but it’s a necessary tool sometimes to alarm some users; who might come here under the wrong impression from different websites.

Our guidelines when it comes to suspensions are:

  • In general, if a user breaks the guidelines and/or the terms of use of our website, we use the three-strike-out process. The first time will be a 7-day suspension, the second time will be a 30-day suspension, and the last will be a permanent suspension from the site.  
  • Annoying behavior in the chatroom may lead to a temporary suspension from the chatroom.
  • Sexual behavior in the chatroom will lead to: A) permanent suspension from the chatroom. B) second strike on the site, which means a 30 day suspension. 
  • If a user harassed other users, this might immediately lead to a permanent suspension from the site.
  • If a user threatened other users, this would immediately lead to a permanent suspension from the site.
  • If a user trolled other users, this might immediately lead to a permanent suspension from the site.
  • We sometimes receive flags and reports from users about other users, so we reserve the right to evaluate these reports; so sometimes, we may override the steps above and go directly to permanent suspension based on how we assess these reports.

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It's important to remember that our website is a nudist community and we have nothing to do with porn, sex, politics, religions... or anything controversial. 

Based on that we put these guidelines to help us maintain this vision. 

Please when you post, comment, or interact with other members make sure to follow the guidelines below:

  • Follow our website terms of use!
  • Be nice and respectful!
  • If you want to comment with a photo or a video, make sure that your photos and videos follow our photos and videos guidelines
  • No porngraphic or sexual posts and comments. 
  • No harassing, or trolling. 
  • No politics, religions, or any controversial topics. Our website is an online NUDIST social media. If you want to speak politics or religions, you can use any other social media.
  • Don't share external sexual links.
  • Don't make other users uncomfortable with your comments. Comments like "hot, horny...etc" are not acceptable.

Failure to follow these guidelines can lead to a permanent account removal. 

Paid members who violate our terms of use and/or our community guidelines are not eligible for a refund. Please read our refund policy!

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