• No Incest Conversations.
  • No Sexual Activities. (Touching, Masturbation, ...etc)
  • No "Genital Only" Webcams.
  • No "Genital Focused" Webcams. (The includes the angle of the webcam)
  • No Solicitation
  • Don't share external sexual links.
  • Act like you are in a nudist family community, be nice and respectful. 
  • ZERO tolerance policy for trolling, harassing, intimidating, rude, or pushy behavior.
  • To maintain good and nice chats, we ask all members to avoid political and religious topics in "THE MAIN CHATROOM."
  • Please take into consideration that admins and moderators can see all types of messages in "THE CHATROOM."
  • Please report the users who do not follow these guidelines!
  • Enjoy the chatroom!


Failure to follow these guidelines can lead to permanent account removal. 

Paid members who violate our terms of use and/or our community guidelines are not eligible for a refund. Please read our refund policy!