To upload a picture to your blog post or forum please follow the steps below

  • In your forum or blog post you will be able to see some icons on the top left of the screen.

  • You can insert an image on Just Nudism in 3 ways: Uploading a file, Using an image URL, or Using your own previous uploaded files on blogs and forum.

  • If you choose to add a new file please make sure to check the size of your picture which should be up to 5Mbs. then after you upload the picture you can select what size you want others to see it, we always recommend the full size and to be aligned in the center. (But that is completely up to you)

  • You also can pick a previous image from your blogs and forum gallery. Click on the gallery then select SHOW...

  • Users can also choose to pick a picture from a URL, and with URLs we don't require a certain picture size. 

  • Last 2 important notes, Please make sure that you own the rights or at least the picture you post is free rights, also make sure to follow our guidelines for photos.