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Dear, Nude Diary: I want to tell you about the time I finally got to start nudism "publicly" and where it took me. It's not a super fancy story but...more
I have vowed not to write blogs for a year in July of last year, so this will be just an introductory post. I may or may not continue writing this blo...more
These notes are from some musing that I did a little while ago about the changing relationship I have had with nudity. Some of it is straight along th...more
As part of their famous show "America Undercover," Produced by HBO, Naked World is a documentary released in 2003 by Spencer Tunick...more
The best dress is nakedness! There is no shame in being what we are. You are the truest reflection of yourself when you are clothes free; so take ...more
The things which have been most rewarding to me have been those that came without expectation. I wonder that if the choice was always in my hand...more
Nudist reality TV was only partly invented with what is called Visiochat. So what would it be in the end?  For all those who would eventual...more
I'm pretty new to the whole nudism thing so I thought I'd drop some thoughts as I go.   I've been wandering around the house naked fo...more
Nudity is not simply living without clothing. Nudity is a positioning outside the conventional textile in which people take refuge to feel reass...more
We will be running some updates on our servers on Monday, the 14thof February. Our website will be in maintenance mode for a few hours, startin...more
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