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I am keen to do some life model work, for an artist or photographer.If any members are interested, please contact me.
Slightly Crazy Vegan posted a video called "Nudist Men Are Creeps." Spoiler alert: she doesn't think all nudist men are creeps: By the way, in my e...more
Don't you wish public nudity was a normal thing. Where someone could see a naked body and still appreciate someone’s body but have it be as normal as ...more
My first time of being nude was a very young age, I was around nine or ten. We live in the country and had a canal that ran through our property. I wo...more
Just Nudism is a social media network designed to help nudists all over the world by providing this platform to connect and build friendships. Our...more
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Good morning to you!I was told you were coming. But, you are nude? and New? Yes!Of course you are! Then U R NEWD!!....without a doubt! So, you ...more
As a lifelong nudist one of the common things I hear people say when speaking of cold weather vs. hot weather is "Well, I like cold better than hot be...more
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